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Who are we?

Journal of Remote sensing & GIS”is a well-recognized open access publication - OMICS International” with an ISSN2469-4134.

With the successful publication of the first four volumes, the journal is moving towards its release of 5th volume which is a repository of knowledge and research findings.

What do we accept?

The journal invites the following:

An Achievement.

We are thankful to the readers worldwide for the achievement of 100+ Million reader base.

We had a huge traffic with 58,568,720 + users, 158,885,500 + page views, 82,280,989 + sessions with a rate of 71.18% of new sessions which confirms the outstanding pool of new users and visitors for “OMICS International journals”. 

Benefits of publishing with us.

With the years coming, the team of “Journal of Remote sensing & GIS” fasten the process of an article publication  by providing an acknowledgment within 48 hrs and a Review Report within 21 days.

Apart from the above, the major advantage is:

All accepted articles will be published under the CC BY 4.0 license and meet the open access requirements of funding agencies such as NIH, HHMI, and Welcome Trust. The funded articles are directly submitted to PUBMED

How to submit?

About Longdom Publishers

Journal of Remote sensing & GIS” progresses forward as a part of OMICS International that hosts around 500+  open-access peer-reviewed journals as well as organizes more than 1000 International scientific Conferences.

We look forward to associating with you.



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